Návštěv : 3035

New wave \ Postpunk \ Electro
Bratislava, Slovenská Republika





Základní informace - HYSTERIC HELEN

Web: hysteric.wgz.cz/

::: hysteric official email ::: dirty77@azet.sk

::: official website ::: www.hysteric.wgz.cz

The band HYSTERIC HELEN (formal name HELPLINES) was formed in the year 2000 in one of Bratislava..s garages. The founding members were DIRTY 77 and CARLOS de Luxe. In the year 2001 the band released 7-songs demo recorded at unsuitable quality, therefore it has never been put on the stock. After unsuccessful looking for related souls and permanent exchange of not suitable band members in the band, DIRTY 77 and CARLOS de Luxe definatelly decided to become duo. In the end of the year 2003 the name of the band is changed into HYSTERIC HELEN. It..s not easy to identify the band..s style on first hearing, but we may hear the influence of new wave-postpunk-goth..s bands the 80..s in their music. In January 2004 the band released their first CD single LATEX ROMANCE is limited edition. The single was determined to be used only for promo purposes. After more than a year..s break DIRTY 77 and CARLOS de Luxe decided on continuing to make life harder with their music and in march 2005 their 4 songs CD single was finally recorded and released. Its name is ORIGINAL SNUFF SOUNDTRACK, aimed at public and potential fans. After releasing of this single, the band has gained its fans. The first official concert was held in May 2005 in Bratislava. The band..s following concerts were in Vienna (A), Budapest (H), Prague (CZ), Bern (CH), Leipzig (D)... The band despite its short stage period, played with the bands like Cinema Strange (USA), Tragic Black (USA), Die Perlen (D), New Days Delay (D), Quidam (E), Last Days Of Jesus (SK), Strange Dolls Cult (A), Noblesse Oblige (D)... In the end of the year 2005 the third CD single UNIDENTIFIED FETISH OBJECT was released. New member Ms.VALENTINE entered the band as a singer and keys player. She had cooperated with the band as a guest before. In present, HYSTERIC HELEN are recording in studio first CD... Release date: 15.September 2013


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